"Creating a Jewellery Collection representing lil'ones' personality before gender and that parents would wear proudly".


The Backstory

I had been looking for jewellery symbolizing my two amazing sons, so I could wear them close to my heart every day, wasn't even pregnant of my beautiful baby girl yet. 

Everything I found was quite girly or too generic. Nothing embodied the two different personalities of my little guys: the eldest is very daring and the youngest super cuddly. 

But instead of wallowing in deception, I decided to took on the mission to create what I was missing: a unisex jewellery collection that represents the uniqueness and spark within each child. Putting personality before gender. 

So I started to collect anecdotes from my daily life with two kids, also asking my family and friends to share their own. This helped me define a personality for each jewel and create stories around these slices of life. The little illustrated stories allow you to explain the meaning of your jewel to your lil’ones and include them in the experience.


My Journey

French-Canadian from Montreal established in Switzerland for the past 7 years, I’ve lived in different countries and finally back to my hood. I’m a professional Art Director by trade and a proud mama of three little pumpkins 4 y. o., 2 y. o. and 5 months old. 

This project led me to learn the art of jewelry-making in the world-renowned capital of fine jewelry. I’ve spent the last 2 years perfecting my technique and my style in collaboration with amazing professionals.

Through this journey, I’ve had to make production choices and define my work ethics. I have decided to prioritize craftsmanship and never compromise on quality to provide my customers with long-lasting pieces that represent my own values.

 Nice to meet you,